Ozone Generation System

A flexible design of Ozone Equipment permits the delivery of ozone gas streams to single or multiple use points or the delivery of single or multiple ozonated water streams to multiple use points.  The Ozone hardware is used in traditional batch wafer wetstations, batch wafer spray stations, and single wafer processing equipment to deliver ozone gas for in-situ chemical formation or liquid ozonated solutions to the process chambers.  Ozone generators with production ranges from 10g/hr to 500g/hr are configured on an as needed basis.

The systems are used to remove Photoresist, Organic Contamination removal in Prediffusion Cleans, and to Passivate Silicon Surfaces

Generation III

ColdStrip ™

The system utilizes only water and oxygen as raw materials.  It has the lowest cost of ownership of any wet resist strip process, saving over $300,000 per year per wetstation  when compared to a sulfuric:peroxide system.  The key process parameters are water temperature, ozone dispersion, and ozone concentration.  This photoresist stripping mechanism for Coldstrip™ doesn’t lift carbon resists off the wafers into solution, but digests and oxidizes the photoresist to soluble chemistries and gaseous carbon dioxide.  Particles due not build up in solution and redeposit on wafers as is customary with conventional sulfuric acid mixtures or solvent strippers